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Jul 10, 2003
Covington, WA
Hi all I was wondering If you would like to share your opinions/experiences with my stocking list.

My tank is a 215, with a 75gl sump/refugium, 260+lbs of live rock, sps dominated, would like clams latter on, and 7 months old in August. Current inhabitants are a Kole 3+", 2 green chromis 2", and a yasha white ray goby 2". I would like to get the chromis out but I doubt it.
I also have a 72 gallon that I have been using for quarantine/staging that I am going to use for a FOWLR. I am having concerns with four of them so I will list them first.

Bluejaw Trigger- Somewhat worried about shrimp
Coral beauty- I guess just worried about it eating polyps, bothering clams. If it is not a good choice for my setup I would put it in the 72, but would be nice to put it in the right place the first time.
Pacific Redstripe Hogfish- worried about shrimp
6-line - I have heard horror stories of aggression as well as it being the most peaceful fish in the tank. I am specifically worried about aggression against the hogfish. He would also be competing with my mandarin. Maybe another candidate for the 72
Forktail Blenny- Meiacanthus atrodorsalis
Red Head Goby-Gobiosoma puncticulatus
Clown Goby- Gobiodon atrangulatus
Green Mandarin
Two Spot Bimaculatus Blenny- Ecsenius bimaculatus

Besides bad combinations, does this seem overstocked?
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