SWC 100f or 500?


Dec 23, 2010
Colorado Springs, CO
I have a 29long tank with a 10 gallon refuge. No room below for an in sump skimmer (I run a 5inch DSB with cheato). I currently have a aquaC remora and a seaclone 100 (seaclone pulls more junk than the remora and I know there both junk). I was looking to get rid of two and go to a single decent skimmer. A LFS in Denver has both the SWC 100f and 500 in stock. The 100f is the new model with a needle wheel. Difference in price is $40. So is the 500 worth the $40 over the newer design of the 100f? Looks like the 500 has a larger collection cup. In the future (quite a way down the road) I will get a bigger tank but I can't see going larger than 50. What do you guys think?

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