Thank you for the good time last night At Dangs..

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Ed Hahn

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Jan 27, 2004
Kennewick, Wa
It was great seeing people from PSAS. The food was fantastic, The hospitality at Dang's Restaurant makes you feel like you are family. I really enjoyed looking at the rare corals in Dangs Tank. He had A sweet looking Softie tank and A fantastic looking SPS tank. Dang gave a few of us a special tour of his equipment late last night. I am proud to say I have a piece that private collection in my tank. Dang has the type of tank I would love to have in the future. I could not get my eyes off of his Rosaria, his two torts, the purple and blue acros...It was awesome. Thank You Dang for hosting this event.

Thank you Reef Frontiers for donating money to support people that enjoy this hobby. That was a good chunk of dough...that was pretty generous..

Hats off to Mojo, Chuck, Alice, Colleen,Scott, Dang, other PSAS members for putting together a good time. You have a excellent support team Mike.
Fragman was selling some of his awesome corals. I finally got that Formosa that I wanted (Chucks purple acro I have drooled over for quite a while).I also got a extra large :shock: chunk of Capricornus from Don. I was able to talk to people about products and hopefully want to buy a product after christmas. I was given a heads up about red acro bugs while in line for food from Macbeth. I was given information how to possibly rid red acro bugs previously. That information would not work in my tank due to too much flow. Eric saved me some money. Thanks Buddy!.Karen showed me Mike in rare form. Mike, I think Karens got some pretty good black mail material on you. :lol: Rico and Lucy officially shared their plans to be married on Memorial Day and let it known that Fish people were invited. :) I met some cool people at Dangs at our Table. :) It was awesome time..I got too many frags, I got get a new tank..so Nashon, I think that tank really did belong at my house.. :lol:
Thanks for the Good time Guys!


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Oct 14, 2003
Just wanted to add my thanks to Ed's. It was great to see everybody. I got some great frags from ProPs and fragman. Dang's tanks are amazing; it was great to meet him and hear about his setup. He's a great guy, too.

That's why I'm a member of the PSAS as well as the local (Mid-columbia) club :)

Oh, and I lost my voice Saturday and haven't been able to vocalize anything since, so if I didn't say much or my voice was hard to hear or froggy, I apologize.
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Sep 5, 2003
Snohomish, WA
My wife Angie and I enjoyed the dinner and tanks very much! Thanks to all the restaurant staff. We also got to meet a couple by the name of Mark and Chris, talking with them was very enjoyable!

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