The "I have had my account for 6months and haven't said HI" Thread

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Jul 5, 2010
Everett Wa.
As you can tell I have been a member for 6 months and have just recently started posting. Well to be honest I actually forgot I created an account untill I stumbled accross these forums recently and it told me I already created an account. WOW I am glad I "stumbled" onto it again, all the questions I have been scouring the interwebs for are already answered here. Needless to say I am impressed.

Now about me.....

I have a 75g tank that was a Christmas gift to me a year ago from my wife. She got an awesome deal from a friend of hers at work and he had it set up for 10 yrs, what a wonderfull start. I used to scuba dive when I was stationed in Guam and miss the reefs. Now I have one in my room!

The last year has brought me great joy from watching my fish swim around and the corals come to life. To great sadness when my old protien skimmer decided to dump about 10g of fish poop all over my 3rd story apt, followed by a power outage that over flowed my sump. Needless to say my landlord was not happy with me, After I assured her it would not happen again and showed her the reciepts of the new protien skimmer and sump that had about 15g more room then the old one, along with paying a few hundred dollars (I got off easy) for the damages, she let me keep it only if I moved it to a different part of the APT.

In my haste to move my aquarium I didn't do any research and lost about 500$ worth of fish. Followed by a 3 month deployment, I have just in the last month started to recover from. My wife did a good job of keeping the water changed but didn't do any of the major maintence or chemical dosing for the time I was gone and I came back to a couple weekends of repairing and redoing some stuff, (glad that is over).
Luckily the coral that browned on me have started to branch out and come back to their original colors and and my bubble tip anenome has grown to almost a 2 foot diameter in only 3 months or so.

I do feel through all my ups and downs I have figured out mainly through trial and error how to take care of my tank and help it to flourish. I now have 2 black and white clown fishes that have paired up they protect the huge Bubble tip anenome from my hand anytime I put it in the water, to the point of drawing blood a couple times from biting my hand.
3 PJ cardinals 2 of which I believe have paired
1 Coral beauty
and plenty of snails and hermit crabs/emerald crabs

I am hoping to get some pictures taken of the tank and post them when I get a chance.

Thanks to all who read through this really long Hello and I look forward to becoming part of this wonderfull comunity of aquarium addicts!



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May 16, 2006
Spokane, Washington, United States
Hi Steve and Welcome to Reef Frontiers!!! :welcome: About time you finally start posting! We're glad to have you here.

It sounds like you've had your share of problems, and learning experiences!! Never a fun way to learn, IMO.

I hope your trials and tribulations are over. Now, as is often the case, and no insult intended, BUT...

This thread is useless, without pictures.


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Dec 8, 2008
Oak Harbor
we all have had our fare share of issues....the main thing in this hobby that pays of is to have patience without that you will just have a lot issues. great looking tank what are the specs? ie lighting, equipment????
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