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Mar 3, 2008
Spokane Valley, WA
some for stuff for free, some stuff for cheap.
I have loads of random HOT filters in various working order. i think i have 4 of the same skimmer that some one could make 1 or 2 work. (I was never a skimmer fan) I know I have a 10 gal tank, a 55gal and stand. (light wood color) and a 90 gal that the cross member broke. it would be best if that was used as a sump or see if one could get a new top for it. (I think Barbie said she could if she had the exact size)
i head out of town on Monday. I don't know how much stuff is worth anymore, so it would be best if someone came over and made a pile of stuff and made an offer. I would be interested in dry rock, maybe a pump, but I don't. I hope to start a tank again, but it will be quite some time.
Thanks for your time,
PM me or e-mail at afbusdriver at gmail dot com
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