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Jan 26, 2004
Silverdale, Wa
This is really a "Ebay Alert" to anyone interested in one of the best Marine related references ever producted.

Currently on Ebay:

Poisonous and Venomous Marine Animals of the World
By Bruce W. Halstead, MD

This is the complete 3 vol. set produced by the US Govt.

Bidding Ends: Feb-03-04 19:05:47


Exceptional series, 3 volumes, Poisonous and Venomous Marine Animals of the World by Dr. Bruce W. Halstead; printed by U.S. GPO, Washington D.C. Vol. 1- 1965 edition on Invertebrates- Inside cover is marked copy #398, 994 pages; includes history of marine toxicology, and toxicology of protozoa, jellyfish, anemones, corals, mollusks, snails, bivalve, octopus; over 50 full page color and black and white plates plus numerous illustrations; scratch on cover, mild soil on end papers. Volume 2- 1967 edition, copy #375; 1070 pages on Vertebrates; includes sharks, rays, cigua toxic fish, tetrodotoxic fish, fugu, and other toxic fish; over 150 plates; magic marker scribbling on inside front page, else good. Volume 3- 1970 edition, copy #207- 1006 pages on Invertebrates; includes sharks, snakes, sea turtles; over 70 plates- small scratch and magic marker on cover, else good. Binding intact and good on all 3 books. Key words: marine biology, wildlife, medicine, science, poison, biotoxin, ocean, whale, hallucinogen, sushi, medicine, shell, reptile, Japan, fishing, island, Pacific, Tahiti, tropical fish, antidote, United States Public Health Service, United States Navy, University of Hawaii, Loma Linda University, chemistry, biochemistry, oceanography, Woods Hole, World Life Research Institute. Cover is 12" x 9 1/4". 3 books weigh approx 25 lbs.

I got "obtained" a set from father (retired Navy, MD) - truely nothing else like this series available today.