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Feb 18, 2010
We have 2 fish tanks running right now! A Red Sea Reefer 350 (specifically euphyllias and shrooms/softies) and an ADA tank just for nems (specifically Colorado Sunburst -CSB). Super excited getting our tanks restocked. We had some of the higher end corals at a friend, Ali, of ours who owns Amazing Aquariums and Reef in OC, Cali. He kindly took care of the corals until we were able to set up our tank in Seattle.

Our current livestock in the 350:
-gold torches
-gold hammers
-neon green frogspawn
-pink tip and neon green mouth frogspawn
-green hammer
-green torch
-jawbreaker shrooms
-tie dye shrooms
-frankenstein bounce
-wwc og bounce
-kryptonite bounce
-neptune bounce
-og sniper sps red devil
-jf bubble buster paly
-jf bloodshot
-josh pork moneyshot palys
-pink diamond palys
-red and pink Saint Thomas shrooms
-gold mertens carpet anemones
-neon green Japanese toadstool
-jf Beach bum monti
-vivids confetti acro
-fish (tailless blue tang, 4 line Hawaiian wrasse, 3 designer clownfish, Mandarin goby, and a starry blenny)
-and a ton of other stuff I don't remember right now

ADA tank:
Colorado sunburst - this tank is dedicated just for this nem and 3 designer clownfish. 😍

We'll take pictures of the corals and fish when we have a little more time. For the time being, here's the 350 when we first got it in September.

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