What is in your tool box?

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Mar 16, 2012
Salem OR
As my list of additives grows, I have been wondering what's everyone else have in their closet? And why?

I'll start.....I am running a bacteria driven system, so my first one is MB7 and to use w/ this I have chosen vinegar. Anyone also running this type of system will probably know that keeping ALK at the right point in critical, so as not to burn sps tips. So to keep my PH and ALK in check and where I want them, I also keep in my tool box, Reef buffer for when I need to raise the ALK a little, and Balance to adjust the PH with out effecting the ALK. I do have BRS 2 part around, just in case I need cal or mag. And finally I have tried the koral kolor, from Brightwell to give my corals a boost in color. Which it has.

Well that's whats in my box......How about you?
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