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Apr 5, 2009
glenolden pa
hello everyone my name is craig and i have recently been diagnosed ms. a real bummer at 35 but thats a whole nother story. since i havent been able to work i went and bought a 90 reef ready used off of craigslist. i sold one to buy one and made out a little on the deal. but i am looking for the best and cheapest place to buy frags. my tank came with 4 t5 lighting (2 and 2) and i am also running 2 65pc attinic and 1 50/50 65 pc. so right now i am looking to start a few soft corals and maybe some mushrooms. so up for debate i am wondering where the best deals? and if anyone has any frags they can part with reasonable priced let my know i am in the philadelphia area craig

Sascha D

Well-known member
Aug 31, 2005
Austin, Tx
Welcome to RF!

Hard to say, most of the members on this forum are from Washington. Thats were I was stationed when I joined :) The best thing might be to find a good LFS and make some local friends, then buy their frags. Eventually you can trade frags and help eachother with projects like many people here do with their friends.

As for online, I have been using www.petsolutions.com. They're fast, friendly and personable. Everything I've ever ordered has come in top notch and the prices are very good.