Whew! It's done!

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Jul 1, 2003
I spent the weekend moving my little 25 gallon reef into a 55 gallon tank. I've actually had the 55 set up for months, but I was sick, then had surgery, and so on.

So this weekend I finally did it, with a Flatworm Exit treatment bucket as a pitstop between the tanks.

I still have to fish around and get out the last few snails and the viable part of the sandbed, but other than that everyone is moved over and doing very nicely.

The only problem I encountered was one piece of LR that wouldn't submerge completely in the solution, so I stood there and basted it for 1/2 hour.

I also had to spend time picking stunned microstars out of the bucket and moving them into the new tank, where they quickly recovered.

At any rate, things are provisionally arranged, the fish are settling back in, most of the corals wasted no time making themselves at home, and life is good. The only issues I've had are that I seem to have lost my last montipora due to the tank issues that cropped up while I was recovering, so once everybody's had time to adjust I'll have to see about picking up some new frags.

Now to watch that tank like a hawk. One red flatworm and BLAMMO! It'll get nuked from orbit. At least this way I've gotten the numbers way down in between mechanical rinsing and the FWE bucket.



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Jul 12, 2003
Southwestern WA
Lucky you! Do you have any pictures of the new tank? How much more liverock did you add? I am in your same boat. I currently have a 25 gallon and have been looking around for a bigger tank in the 50 to 75 range. Good to hear that the transition went ok - gives me hope!! Beth.


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Jul 18, 2003
Glad everything is liking the new digs, Heidi. :) And that you're on the mend too!