WiFi Fish Feeder

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Jan 1, 2012
I wanted a automatic fish feeder such that I could use my smart home automation system (which does control my circulation pumps) to automatically stop my circulation pumps ahead of time that the fish feeder drops the meal. I found the ilonda wifi feeder at a reasonable price but as with most such things, it wants to have its on application on my phone to do all the work. This means a separate application from my circulation pumps. But then I found the link iLonda Fish Feeder - Third party integrations - Home Assistant Community that showed reprogramming the software to Tasmota switches. This link is for the Home assistant community but what was important for me was the tasmota upgrade. Tasmota puts the information on the mqtt so you software can trigger the switch. The iLONDA Fish Feeder (L88) Template for Tasmota link is also shown to properly configure the switch after converting to Tasmota.

As much of my smart system is already using tasmota that seemed like a good option for me. So I bought a ilonda fish feeder. The link above shows how to attach wires to use stuff to reprogram the esp8266. I have the equipment and software to do this programming but before I tried that I decided to try tuya-convert which is over the air reprogramming tool. Many manufacturers have upgraded their software so Tuya-convert no longer works but it does work on this fish feeder as bought in September 2021. Tuya-Convert worked perfectly. Much better than soldering wires to points I can barely see. Thought I would pass on the idea for others.