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Hi, I enjoyed our brief chat at OBD. Glad you were able to make lemonade out of your re-birth. You are on the journey toward sweet success again my friend.
Deborah Glenn
Looking at your tank for sale. I am interested please contact me when convienent.
Hi Carla, this is Mark. You gave me an orange montipora at the Spokane Reef Club bbq. What type of montipora was it? Thanks.
Mind if I pick up one of the $20 pieces of the monti from you this weekend? Let me know when is best for you.
Hey Todd,
I lost all my contacts way back and was thinking about you and the tank...hows things?
Interested in your acrylic 180 gallon tank for sale..
When can I come check it out?
I will bring cash
Hey Ray! Ray here. Thanks for all the helpful advice. I've been super occupied by and have made my first purchase on a pair. They're sound great and thing are going well. Thanks again!
Sorry, but I just saw the notification thing and clicked to find this. I usually don't check automatically for PM's or visitor messages as I prefer e-mails for contact.
However, I don't know the answer to that but all I can suggest is to keep trying or if you can find an e-mail to one of the administrators, e-mail them direct.
Outside chance that if you e-mail Dan Underwood of, he may be able to relay your message to someone on the board.
Sorry I can't be of much help.
i was on and all the sudden i could not log in. i sent a message to the admin, but got a response back saying that it was not read and deleted. along with all the rules that i previously agreed to. can you help me understand?